Working on Your Car? You Need Gloves

If you wear gloves at work, why wouldn’t you use them off duty? Many people forget that hazards exist everywhere, and you may be in more danger at home where you have no supervision, work partners or safety procedures in place. You should stop telling yourself that safety equipment will cost money, and instead think of how expensive an accident can be, not to mention that a permanent injury has no price tag.

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Different Gloves for Different Jobs

When it comes to hand protection, you have a few choices in work gloves. Mechanic’s gloves were made by people who understand that while you need protection while working on a car, you still need to have the ability to feel the parts and how they fit. These gloves protect your hands from abrasions, oil and other chemicals. They are also flexible, and you can find them in a variety of materials such as leather, polyester, rubber or neoprene. Find a pair that fits your hand well, and they will be both comfortable and useful. These gloves cost about 20 dollars a pair, which still isn’t much considering the job they do.

If you really don’t want to spend any money, for a few dollars you can buy what are called blue dippers; these are knit gloves that have protective latex on the tips. These actually have the additional advantage of being waterproof where the latex covers the fabric, but you will lose some tactile fidelity when wearing them. Depending on the job, you can choose a better grip with the mechanic’s gloves or more protection with the dippers.

Get in the habit of using gloves when you work on your car, and you will spend a lot less time cleaning your hands and nails after a tough job. You will also be glad you kept yourself protected if an accident should happen.

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