Why It’s Important to Lease a Car For Your Business


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When running your own business, you need to think about levels of productivity within the business. It’ll be important for you to come up with ways to improve your business on a wider scale. One of the best ways you might find to do this will be to lease a car or even several cars. The following is a list of just a few great reasons why you should lease a car for your business and how it will improve it.

Better Productivity

One of the more compelling reasons for why you need to lease a car for your business is it improves productivity. Imagine how much more you could get done on a working day if you’re able to drive from place to place. You can go and visit clients, arrange meetings and drop off stock all with ease. You could travel all the way across town and back again in a short timeframe. If you walked or had to take public transport, this sort of thing might be out of the question. You may also find you run a business where all your staff would benefit from driving. Leasing a car for your entire staffing body is a great way to improve your business and take it to the next level.

More Efficient

One of the best things about having a car for your business is how much more efficient it is. By having a car, you give yourself and your business a Plan B. Should you need something to fall back on you have the car to bail you out of trouble. It also saves you having to send several members of staff out in opposite directions to carry out tasks for the day. By having a car, the business can use the car to increase its efficiency and make it more productive. You’ll find that you’re better organised and have a clearer idea of what you need to do if you’ve got a car involved. You can get much more done in a day and make the running of the business so much easier.

More Convenient

When you do lease your car, you’ll find it to be much more convenient. In fact, you might wonder how you ever coped without one in the first place! You can now go anywhere and do anything. It gives your business a freedom it might never have experienced before. And it’s useful for the little things as well as the important ones. Imagine you need to go and post some letters, nip to the bank or stock up on the stationary for the office. With a car, you can do all these things in a quick and easy way. Then you can pop back to the office and resume your working day as normal.


You will find that leasing a car for your business will save you a great deal of money in the long run. This happens in many ways. For a start, you’ll be leasing rather than buying, and this will work out cheaper. If you look at the details of Listers Toyota contract hire you’ll find it’s a much better saving than purchasing a car. You might also like to consider the fact that you can select from new or used models. Of course, used models will be even cheaper still, so you’ll be making huge and important business savings in this area. Another way in which leasing a car works out cheaper is that it saves you having to use public transport. Public transport is a useful necessity for those who don’t drive. But if you have a car this is the better option for your business. Public transport can often work out to be expensive. This is especially true if you use if a lot. By taking the car instead, you will cut out the transport costs and could save heaps of cash. You might also find that some of the upkeep and other costs of the car will be covered by your lease payments. Remember though, you’ll need to get your own insurance as this isn’t included in lease payments.

Easier to Travel

Having a car makes it easier to travel. Sure, people might think of that as lazy, but it’s just sensible. You have a business to run. You don’t want to spend half your working day walking to and from places, or catching public transport. There are more important things for you to be thinking about and dealing with. If you have a car, it just makes the whole process that much easier. You aren’t reliant on other people, and you don’t have to leave an hour for travel to get wherever you want to go.

Extra Security

As a business owner, one of the most invaluable things a car offers you is extra security. This is maybe something you wouldn’t have thought about before getting a car. But it is something that could influence your ultimate decision. If you need to transport stock or materials involved in the running of the business, you need a safe way to do this. Walking down the street or standing on the bus with them isn’t practical. Plus there’s an added security risk. You might find the stock gets lost or damaged en route. You might even find you’re a target for thieves, particularly if the stock is expensive. When you have a car, this isn’t an issue. You can transport the stock with ease and safety, and you can lock it safe and sound inside the vehicle if needs be.

Combine Work & Home Life

A great reason to lease a car for your business is that it allows you the freedom to combine your work and home lives. What this means is that you can carry out chores or important personal errands during the working day. This is something that’s often frowned upon because it can eat into your work time, and it sets a bad example to staff. However, with a car you’ll be able to carry out these errands quickly and in conjunction with work related errands. If you need to visit the doctor or dentist, then you’ll have an easy means of getting there. If you need to pick something up that you badly need for home, you’ll be able to do so without having to take too much time out of work.

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