What Makes the Current Generation of Jaguar Vehicles Better than Ever?

Jaguar have a long and proud history in the motoring world, from the racing circuits to films and countless awards, it’s fair to say they’re quite an established brand. With such an impressive past then, do the current models live up to the precedents set by their predecessors? The answer is very much a ‘yes’.

A Stunning Range

What makes Jaguars so special is how they’ve managed to combine the style and sophistication of the old guard with the advanced designs of modern vehicles. Better still, they can offer a range of luxury cars that can suit different driving styles and requirements.

Different Models for Different Needs

To give you a clearer idea of just what’s on offer, below you’ll find a selection of such cars in their range:

Stylish and Sporty – Jaguar F-Type Convertible

What makes the F-Type Convertible so attractive is how it takes influence from the 60s generation of similar sized Jags. The shapely, long body and iconic front grill just adds to its charm, as does the thrilling driving experience you get. The latter is thanks to the choice of V6 and V8 engines and dynamic rear-wheel drive.

Classic and Refined – Jaguar XJ

Still in production since 1968, the XJ deserves the ‘classic’ description as it is really the flagship Jaguar car. It’s undergone a few facelifts in its time and the current model is definitely one to shout about. Whether it’s the deluxe trim levels or the selection of powerful engines, you’re bound to turn heads in this magnificent specimen.

Comfortable and Commanding – Jaguar XF Saloon

When it comes to saloon cars, you can’t get much better than the XF. Not only does its larger size provide ample room for you and your passengers to feel comfortable and secure, it also handles exquisitely, has a wide range of capacities and lots of equipment as standard. In addition to all this, it’s also quite a practical option for families.

Whatever your preferences, there’s sure to be a Jaguar for you in their impressive variety. The future also looks bright for the company according to this article from City AM which details Jaguar’s plans to invest heavily in the future of their vehicles; this means their cars could soon be even more remarkable and ultimately desirable. But if you are looking to buy a new Jaguar, get on to an established retailer now and find your very own luxury car from the current generation.

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