The Top Four Sites and Sources for Making Your Classic Car Green

We all love our classic cars for the raw power and the historical beauty that they project. There is certainly a stigma out there surrounding anything green or eco-friendly and it being incorporated into classic and muscle cars. While many want to preserve their classics in the way in which they originally were made, more and more people are making modifications to their vehicles to get the most out of them. Believe it or not, you don’t have to buy a new car or rent a vehicle from to get better fuel economy and an eco-friendly driving solution. Below, we’ve outlined four websites and resources that provide information and ways on how to get more green power and potential out of your classic car while still maintaining its essence.

    1. Telegraph – Switching to Battery Power

Many people have an image in their heads that battery powered vehicles are weak and for sissies, but the truth is that battery powered vehicles can pack quite a wallop in terms of power and torque. Take a look at the new line of Teslas for proof of their prowess in terms of acceleration and handling. The Telegraph has a piece that outlines the progress made by one classic car owner on his 1963 Triumph Herald, as he made the decision to switch from gas-guzzler to efficient electric power. His classic car can now drive up to 50 miles between charges; up to 150 when using Lithium Ion batteries.

    1. Clean Green Cars

Clean Green Cars focuses on tips to make vehicles more economical, fuel-saving, fun-to-drive machines. One section on their website outlines the ways in which you can upgrade your classic car to be more efficient in these areas. From optimising the air conditioning units in relatively newer models to staying on top of other maintenance items like properly inflated and aligned tires, there are many different ways you can optimise your classic vehicle without changing the fundamentals of your drive.

    1. Old Car Online

Home to plenty of dedicated classic car drivers, Old Car Online takes seriously the balance between green driving and preservation of a classic wonder. Here, you’ll get plenty of new ideas on how to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape; from replacing air filters and upgrading spark plugs, to converting your vehicle to use more efficient fuel and even going hybrid, there are plenty of ways to improve the eco-efficiency of your classic car while still turning heads when passing by a crowd.

    1. Popular Mechanics

Sometimes, making your classic car “green” doesn’t mean completely re-configurating or retrofitting the machine: it can sometimes be as simple as performing regular maintenance. Popular Mechanics has a piece by Jay Leno that talks about the need of keeping classic cars road-ready, which in large part means making them greener. By perfecting the stop-and-start, purchasing the right coolant, implementing frictionless braking and ensuring the transmission is running smoothly, you can save fuel, reduce pollution and enjoy a stronger performance out of your vehicle. Some of these improvements can be a bit expensive, but others are quite cost-effective; if you’re like most classic car owners, though, expensive fixes are something you wind up embracing as a part of the experience!

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