Taking Care Of Your New EV

There’s no denying that electric vehicles are growing in popularity extremely quickly, and as they’re doing so they become more affordable and more accessible to the everyday user – we’ve seen the big names such as Tesla really make strides in battery life and capacity, the changes in fast charging, and just the overall capabilities of many of these cars – but taking care of them and understanding what is and isn’t possible. It’s also easy to get caught up in the gimmicks with the big center console that allows you to play your favourite mobile game brands like those where The Best Casinos review them, or feel you can park up and just watch your favourite Netflix movie whilst charging, but there’s a little more to it than that.


Don’t neglect software updates – These are usually pushed through automatically, but if you’re spending any time in an area where you remain offline for a  period of time you could miss out on a key update – everything that comes with these cars depends on software – battery capacity, features like heated seats, and your autopilot – get into the habit of checking every now and then to see if an update has been missed, and if it has then apply it as soon as possible.


They still require maintenance – A common misconception is that these vehicles don’t require any maintenance, but that just isn’t true. There’s a number of things to look out for, such as if you take full advantage of the regenerative braking in many EV’s, you may find that your brake pads aren’t performing to their full capability or may not work correct when needed – keeping an eye out for things like this could help you out of a tricky situation. Whilst there’s no doubt that there is considerably less maintenance required, take a look for common grievances with your vehicle and see the small bits you need to stay on top of.


Understand your charge cycles and capacity – Whilst the capacity for many batteries is greatly improving, we’re still a long way from solving the age old issue of battery deterioration over time, but if you’re vigilant and take a little bit of time to monitor what you’re doing, you may be able to negate this as much as possible. There are plenty of tips out there on what to do and what to keep an eye on that may be model specific, but take a look around – after all this battery is your A to B and extending the life of that battery extends the life of your car.


If you’ve never tried an EV or are looking at upgrading your current car, now may be a perfect time to try – it’s expected there will be even more of a push to popularise these changes ahead of climate control goals laid out in the future, whilst getting in early with emerging tech isn’t always the safest way, there’s also a lot of mod cons that you could be missing out on.

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