Store Your Car Safely While On Vacation

Whether you’re planning a long vacation or just a short getaway, you will need a place to safely store your vehicle (unless you’re going on a road trip, of course).  If you are planning a long vacation, there are a few things you should attend to before leaving your vehicle behind.  Make sure to check your oil and oil filter if your car will be sitting for more than three months.  Put a lint free cloth over your air intake and tail pipe to keep airways clear.  Also, wash your vehicle and avoid parking under trees as tree sap and bird dropping can damage the paint on your vehicle.  Here are a few extra tips to safely storing your car in different vacation scenarios.



Airport Storage


Sometimes when you go to the airport, taking a shuttle or a cab ends up being the most sensible option for parking, but what should you do when it’s not?  Long term airport parking is usually a pretty sound option.  Airport Security staff monitors those parking lots twenty four hours a day, so you won’t have to worry about vandalism or anything like that.  If possible, park your car underneath a garage or shelter of some sort.  Again, don’t park under any trees!


Going On A Cruise


Cruise ship parking can be a little tricky.  Some cruise ships offer transportation for you and your vehicle, but others do not.  So scope out the parking situation before the day of departure.  If you’re parking at the dock, find a secured lot.  Otherwise, make sure you prep your vehicle for storage and cover it before you leave it sitting in your garage or at a family member’s house.  If you’re going to be gone for a while, have a friend or family member start your car periodically to keep the engine well lubed and in good running condition.


Getting On Trak

When travelling with AmTrak, they actually offer a wide variety of vehicles to actually travel with you.  Anything from cars, motorcycles, or sport utility vehicles can be packed onto the train and unloaded at your destination.  There are a broad list of specs that you should check out before you choose to bring your vehicle with you.  Also, make sure to check in early and take the traffic of the city you are in into account when considering travel time.

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