Safety and Security: The Risks that Motor Traders Face

Motor trading is no different from other businesses that struggle every day to survive. Since a considerable amount of money is at stake whenever they make deals, traders’ safety and security should also be ensured, or they will lose every penny they invest in the business. Also, any untoward incident may lead to loss of confidence by their customers, which is why it is crucial for motor traders as well as the people who entrust their property to them to understand the risks they will face. This will allow them to come up with all available precautionary measures to prevent such incidents from happening.


No one can tell when an accident will happen. It may either occur while the customer’s car is parked or while traversing traffic. Since accidents are unforeseeable and sometimes inevitable, the only way to minimise expenses is to find Motor Trade Insurance and have someone who can help to shoulder the damage incurred when an accident happens. This type of policy is different from general accident insurance since it covers those who earn their living by buying, selling, repairing, and other motor trade related dealings.

Highway robbery

Another risk that motor traders may face is highway robbery. Robbery incidents that occur on highways and in other public places target any traveller to get their money, stuff, or even the vehicle itself. In such events, there is a low chance of recovering what is forcibly taken even if the culprit is apprehended. For motor traders, this situation is challenging to handle, especially if what is stolen is the car itself which was entrusted to them by their client. The only way to avoid this from happening is to not use a vehicle without the presence of its owner. In this way, whatever happens on the road, the customer will understand the situation since they witnessed what transpired.

Tax impositions

The motor industry is also bound to pay taxes to run their businesses smoothly. But since tax impositions come from the legislation of tariff laws, motor traders have no option but to pay even exorbitant fees to continue their dealings. To lessen the probability of being charged with excessive fees, it is essential for motor traders to be transparent in all their transactions, as well as being in strict compliance with policies and regulations like tax payment, registration, and licensing.

Dishonest customers

The worst risks that motor traders encounter are the dishonest customers and the services which remain unpaid. Although there are legal remedies to resort to, they sometimes take a long time and waste time and resources that can be used for other business matters. Arrangements can be made to avoid this issue like signing a contract, getting a down payment, and knowing the personal details of the client. This will allow the trader to quickly contact them if they fail to pay what is due.

Businesses are full of risks, especially matters related to security and safety. Knowledge and experience are the best tools to use to avoid or prevent such incidents from happening.

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