Recommended Tips to Avoid Car Accidents

This write up is based on the tips that the automotive journalists at offered many years back. The team of experts observed the situations contributing to the majority of road accidents. They then compiled a few helpful strategies, which can go an extra mile to avoid an accident.

car accident

Avoid Fast Lane:

This is based on the fact that the maximum accidents occur on the fast lane. Keeping on the right lane or the middle one makes sure that any sudden reaction change owing to the circumstances is immediately accounted for. Besides, the police patrol is more conscious of the traffic on the left lane as compared to the other lanes. However, if you still get into trouble, do not worry because companies like SpecialtyBodyWorks are now offering Collision repair Madera and Fresno CA and hopefully, it will help your car get into perfect shape.

Study The Car’s Limits:

This is what the most of the drivers ignore doing. Every model has a different set of specifications, and it is very important to know how much the car is supposed to be undergoing to be in the safe driving limits. Most importantly, the braking time and the tyre grip vary with every model. Once behind the steering wheel, it is a necessary proposition that a driver must be noticing very carefully. It may not mean much during normal circumstances, but an emergency braking or turning the corners to avoid an accident depends much upon how your car reacts.

The Car Condition:

The condition of a car will be enough to speak a lot about its owner. And in most cases, will be speaking a deal about the driver too. An ill maintained vehicle may signify a driver who is relatively careless, and may continue to be the same on the road. It may be a good idea to be conscious of such a vehicle running on the parallel lane. This will be helpful in an emergency, where a swift change in manoeuvre is expected from the drivers, keeping in mind the fellow vehicles.

The Hands’ Positioning:

The hands on 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock give the ideal position while driving, since any sudden manoeuvre can be easily adjusted. Unfortunately, most of the drivers either have one hand on top of the steering wheel, at 12 o’clock, or lazily keep both at the bottom. This is too risky. The position of the hands is an important indicator to exhibit the attentiveness of a driver. It also may be a good idea to judge the other drivers on the road, if you can; by the way they position themselves on the driving seat.

Target The Racecar Control:

It can work as a super control technique to adhere to the sudden traffic changes. Enroll to the top most driving school that has instructors dealing with the racing cars. This will help a driver understand what it feels like when driving right up to the limits. Once mastered this, driving a normal car or a commercial vehicle gets very easier. It also makes a driver confident to escape the emergency situations, should those occur.

These are a few tips that are not normally spoken of, but can prove to be very efficient when on road.


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