Racing on Your Land: The Essentials

We’re not all lucky enough to own enough land that we can race about in our cars, but those of us that do may be wondering just what they’re going to need to be able to turn their grounds into the latest must-conquer circuit. Let’s take a look here.



First things first, you’ll need a dedicated track. Now depending on the vehicles you want to race, this could be anything from an unkempt muddy field to a perfectly manicured track. But this will certainly be the biggest undertaking of the whole endeavour, and you’re very likely to need external help getting it set up. Plan out what you want from the circuit carefully, because it’s not easy to change your mind when things have been set up. You could even build the track on a racing simulator to get a feel for what it might be like.

Pit Stop

Additional equipment is likely to be important too. You’ll want some sort of large garage or pit stop, because the stresses and strains of racing are very likely to mean that one or more of your cars will need fixing in some way at any given time. If you’ve got a dedicated area to work on them, then you’ll find things a lot easier. You don’t want a day of racing to be ended prematurely because you don’t have the facilities to fix a broken car.


Fuel will be important too. Pushing the limits is going to mean using lots of fuel, and you don’t want to be limited to what’s in the car’s tank. A dedicated storage idea is a good idea, but remember that safety is paramount. Storing fuel is not as simple as filling up a barrel and keeping it in a shed. You need to check the local rules and regulations, and ensure everything is stored in the right containers, in the right place, in the right amounts.


The final thing to note that you may not have considered is insurance. Accidents can and do happen on the track, and you need to make sure that your cars are covered, especially if they’re expensive projects. Your usual insurance is unlikely to cover racing on a private track, so you absolutely must make sure that you do the research beforehand, in order that you’re not caught out.

There you have it – setting up your own private racing area is certainly not going to be a simple task, but the rewards will be great.

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