Introducing the Bentley Continental GT V8 S Convertible

Few sights and sounds are as impressive as a Bentley Continental GT in full flow. The roaring 4 litre V8 engine alerts people to its presence long before it comes into view while the growl that it produces when accelerating is quite exhilarating. The car also benefits from an eight speed gearbox and possesses all-wheel drive capability ensuring that its power transmission remains astonishingly impressive even in icy conditions.


In this case, appearances certainly do not deceive

The Bentley Continental GT V8 S is a beast of a car that weighs in at approximately 2,470 kilograms. It retains all of the characteristics associated with a Bentley, including twin exhaust pipes, a low to the ground bumper with its triple air intakes, and dark front radiator grille. The appearance of the car exudes power and owners will be pleased to know that this is exactly what they get. Despite its size, the Continental GT V8 is capable of reaching 60 MPH in less than five seconds – very impressive for such a heavy car. Exceptional handling is achieved through its suspension which has been designed so that owners can choose between a number of different air suspension settings. This makes tackling corners and uneven surfaces an absolute breeze.

Luxury and comfort in abundance

As you would expect with a Bentley, nothing has been excluded in relation to the cars specifications. The Bentley Continental GT V8 comes with every feature possible in the most luxurious quality imaginable. The interior of the car is simply stunning with leather throughout, and even a Breitling clock in the middle of the dashboard. A large touch screen TV which has bluetooth capability, Sat Nav, live TV and a huge 30GB hard drive are some of the more technical aspects of the interior. The Bentley logo, carefully embroidered onto each seat, adds a touch of elegance while the roof can be lowered in around twenty seconds at the touch of a button.

Running and service costs are relatively high but those who have the ability to pay the asking price won’t be overly concerned with that. To summarise, the Bentley Continental GT V8 S Convertible provides all the power, elegance, luxury and sophistication expected. In the UK, dealerships such as HR Owen Bentley can offer further information relating to this beast of a supercar.

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