How to Survive Living on the Open Road

The open road is an exciting, often thrilling place to spend your days. With so much adventure and opportunity, you have the flexibility to grab any opportunity with open arms and make memories that will stay with you forever! Living on the open road, however, does require a lot of consideration and planning, which is essential to ensure your experience is as safe yet enjoyable as possible. Follow these useful tips to help you survive and enjoy living on the open road!

Stay Organised

When you’re travelling the open road it’s best to keep your packing to a minimum. It doesn’t matter if you have a small caravan or a huge, VW T5 conversion, the less stuff you have to take up valuable space in the vehicle, the better. Start by planning out exactly what you need for your travels, keeping in mind that less is more. You should then look at organising your vehicle properly, giving everything a specific home that you can keep neat and tidy throughout your trip. Having a dedicated space for certain items will make such a difference to your daily routines, as well as the atmosphere within your vehicle. Try to avoid letting the area become unorganised and messy, as this will make it much harder to find things and enjoy yourself.

Keep Safe

It’s really easy to become comfortable and relaxed when you’re travelling the open road, especially when you’re the only ones around for what seems to be miles. It can become easy to start to slack on certain safety precautions, such as locking all windows and doors, leaving the keys unattended and even simple things like wandering off on your own. Try to keep your safety a priority throughout your trip, as you never know what sort of area you’re actually staying in. Introducing a safe to your vehicle is the perfect way of keeping essential items such as passports, electronics, keys and money safe and secure, just in case.

Extra Comfort

One of the many benefits to travelling the open road in a caravan or campervan is the ability to spend time in a warm, insulated, covered vehicle that protects you from weather conditions and keeps you safe. Another benefit to this is the comfort factor. There’s something comforting about sleeping in a warm campervan, compared to a 4-man tent in the woods. You can look at enhancing the comfort in your campervan however, by introducing certain features that will make the experience that little bit more enjoyable. First off, a cosy, comfortable campervan bed. It may not be as welcoming as your bed at home, but providing yourself with a cosy campervan bed will ensure you get a good night’s sleep and enjoy your travels properly. Similarly, you may want to include plenty of blankets, extra cushions and pillows to make the vehicle as cosy and homely as possible.

Plenty of Entertainment

Whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, entertainment is key throughout your travels. When on the open road, you can find yourself miles away from any activity, resulting in you having to make your own entertainment and amuse yourselves. When travelling alone, having a good selection of your favourite books, some magazines and a phone or tablet will provide you with hours of entertainment that will help pass those empty hours. For those travelling in numbers, take some classic board games along for the ride, or think about adding some dominos or other traditional games will add hours of laughter to your trip!

Do Key Research

Living on the open road enables you to have a sense of freedom, having the opportunity to do whatever you want, whenever you want. One really useful tip for anyone planning to travel is to do some essential research into your desired locations. It may seem like a great idea to travel to a specific area, but it’s always a good idea to get clued up on advice regarding that area, whether that’s travel advice, lifestyle advice or simply finding out which areas are worth visiting or not.

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