How to move heavy equipment

If you want to move heavy equipment via freight, you can employ the service of an agent that has access to trailers and high-quality rigs. They transport oversized cargo. They have vans, flatbed/step decks, and they offer temperature-controlled transportation and warehousing. They ship to Mexico and Canada. The drivers are Hazmat trained. Overall, safety comes before service.



You can get your equipment shipped anywhere. They ship worldwide. Transportation could be via road, air, or rail. They even drop empty trailers at your shipping location. They offer team expedited service. They also ship hazardous materials.

Shipments to Mexico

They ship freight in and out of Mexico. There is a facility in Laredo, Texas that allows them to send shipments to Mexico. They also have an inspection facility there. They have cross-docks for trans-loading.

Oversized Freight

The drivers are well trained to haul an oversized load. Their inventory gets inspected so that they can pull super heavy machinery. They have over 600 trailers that can transport highly specialized equipment and machinery. They have over 1,400 flatbed trailers. They have over 1,700 step deck trailers, and also lowboys built to carry 40-80 tons of cargo. If you are looking for a heavy haul, get a quote here.

Hazmat Trained

The drivers are Hazmat Certified to carry hazardous materials. They are owners as well as operators of the vehicle. They haul your sensitive cargo as if it is their own.

Types of Transportation Services

• Van
The agents will coordinate your shipment going to any destination in North America. They will adhere to time-specific deliveries. They have gateways in and out of Mexico and from Canada and Mexico.

• Flatbed /Step Deck
They have over 2,000 flatbeds and step decks at their disposal. They can transport freight of any dimension anywhere in North America.

• Temperature Controlled
They offer temperature-controlled transportation and warehousing. It could be for long-haul truckload, perishables or expedited shipment. They have advanced technology that will give status reports in real time.

In conclusion, if you have heavy duty equipment to ship, you can use the services of agents that specialize in hauling oversized shipment. They can send your oversized equipment anywhere. They ship worldwide by land, air, or rail. They transport to Mexico as well as Canada. The types of transportation they employ are vans, flatbeds/step decks, and temperature-controlled transportation as well as warehousing. They have advanced technology that will give status reports in real time. The drivers are Hazmat trained.

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