How To Look After Your Prized Classic Car

The perfect classic car will be your pride and joy. Maintaining one certainly takes a lot of care and attention. Looking after a classic car is very different to a regular, new motor from the show room. They require specialist knowledge, individual parts and the touch of a true car lover. If you get it right, it will take pride of place on your driveway. You’ll have the perfect weekend vehicle to take onto the open road.

Good care of your classic car extends way beyond a quick clean once in a while. You’ll need to consider buying the right car in the first place. It will need to be expertly restored and maintained. You’ll need to set aside a budget and time to cater for the car. Finally, you’ll need to drive it with care and attention. After all that, the car will need a good clean in order to look at her best.


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Buy the right car

For some, restoring a classic car is the best part of owning one. If that’s the case, then it won’t matter too much what you buy. So long as you have the money and dedication to restore it to full health, the choice is yours. On the other hand, if you’re not such an expert at restoration, you’ll need to find a reliable car. If you love classic cars, you probably already have a model in mind. Take your time to find one in good condition for the right price. Look through all the online sites and find a selection of car deals. It will save you maintenance costs and trouble in the future.

Keep it well maintained

It is always important to keep on top of your car maintenance. This is even more important when you own a classic car. Make sure you do regular oil checks and look out for any leaks. Listen for any unexpected noises in the engine, brakes or suspension. Keep on top of your tyres by measuring the tyre depth and taking the air pressure. The brakes can also suffer damage on a classic car. Inspect the brake pads regularly. Make any replacements where necessary. Remember, classic car parts can be hard to come by.

Drive sensibly

If your classic car is a classic sports or muscle car, it can be tempting to drive hard. You may want to push your Austin Healey or Corvette to the limit on the open winding roads. As fun as this is, be careful with the engine and car systems. Classic cars are great, but they are delicate. If anything goes wrong, the parts are difficult and expensive to replace. There are very few specialist classic car garages and they aren’t cheap. Try to enjoy the experience of owning it, rather than pushing the top speeds.

Keep it clean

With a classic car, you want it to take pride of place on the driveway. You want to show it off and inspire jealousy. In order to do that, you need to keep it in pristine condition. Take the time to hand wash the car regularly. Complete it with a good wax and buffer, then touch up any marks or scratches. Finally, keep the interior looking perfect.

Owning a classic car is becoming more and more difficult. The parts slowly get harder to find and the specialist mechanics are disappearing. You need to take on a lot of the work yourself. Of course, for the right car, it’s all worth it.

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