Everything You Need To Know About Keeping Your Car In Good Working Order During The Winter

Most modern vehicles fare pretty well during the winter months, so long as you use them regularly. However, anyone who owns a car that is more than five years old might need to take extra precautions. No matter which model you drive at the moment, there are always ways of keeping it in good shape. Harsh temperatures and extreme conditions can drastically affect performance. For that reason, you need to pay attention to all the points made on this page. Failing to do that could mean you have trouble getting your engine to run smoothly in the mornings. That could result in you being late for work, and your kids having to take a day off school. With so much emphasis on stopping truancy these days, that might be a problem.


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Whether you own a brand new car or even if you’ve recently bought one from a reputable used dealer like Thames Motor Group, now is the best time to starting your research. Pretty soon, the weather is going to deteriorate. Once that happens, the last thing you want to do is spend time outside dealing with your vehicle. It’s much better to get ready for the cold months in advance. So, you still have a few days to get started.


Buy chains for your tyres


We all know how slippery roads can be when coated with a thick layer of ice, especially if your car does not have four-wheel drive. With that in mind, you should look towards purchasing some chains for your tyres at the earliest possible opportunity. Most of the products available are simple to fit, and they help you to avoid sliding all over the road. Of course, you won’t want to put them on your car until the roads freeze. For that reason, it will make sense for you to watch weather reports in the evenings during the months of December and January. If the experts say there is going to be ice, you can nip outside and put the chains on before you go to bed. That will stop you from having to get dirty in the mornings.


Run your car for ten minutes before driving


Sometimes automobiles need a little time to warm up when the temperatures are low. Heading outside ten minutes before you plan to leave in the mornings and starting the engine can make a big difference. You should notice that your car runs a lot more smoothly once it has had time to warm up. You should also turn your heaters on and apply any defrosting agents before going back inside and waiting. If you forget to do that, not only will your car’s performance go downhill, but you could cause engine damage in extreme circumstances. Presuming you don’t have time to do that, you might benefit from leaving your vehicle in a garage overnight. Obviously, that depends on whether or not you have the space.


Take your car to be washed weekly


During the cold months, it can be easy to overlook the task of cleaning your car. However, it is at this time of year when vehicles tend to pick up the most grime and dirt. You don’t want to encounter problems because your engine is clogged with leaves and other rubbish. So, taking it down to your local garage and having it washed once each week is a brilliant idea. It won’t break the bank, but it could help to keep your car looking brand new.


Buy covers for your windows and windscreens


Low temperatures can have a negative effect on glass. On top of that, frozen windows in the morning can be a real pain. Nobody wants to stand outside for half an hour getting rid of all the ice that has appeared on their vehicle during the night. For that reason, you should think about buying some covers. Even if you leave the vehicle outside, the covers should stop it from freezing over. You can get these products from most good car specialists although you might like to check online for the best prices. Sometimes auction websites contain liquidated or surplus stock that is sold for much cheaper than you might find on the high street.


Have your car checked by a mechanic


Unless you still have annual services on your vehicle, it’s a good idea to take it to a local mechanic and ask them to have a look. Most will probably try to get some extra cash off you by saying the window wipers need replacing, etc. Considering that, you need to keep your wits and identify when they’re attempting to make you spend more cash. However, a quick check could highlight significant issues that need to be dealt with straight away. If there is a problem with your gearbox or anything of that nature, you’ll want to get it sorted ASAP. Sometimes it’s better to treat the symptoms before they morph into a full blown disease.


Check oil and water levels weekly


If your car runs out of oil and water during the winter months, you might cause irreparable damage to your engine in minutes. So, it’s vitally important that you check levels regularly. If you have less than half a tank of oil or water, you should replenish it before it gets too low. Should you notice your car seems to be using a lot of oil, it might be worth taking a look underneath and checking for leaks. Even so; the mechanic that looks at your car should notice issues like that and offer up solutions.


As you can see from all that information, there are lots of ways to keep your car in good working order during the winter months. When all’s said and done, nobody wants to deal with huge mechanics bills during December. Also, very few people can afford to purchase something new at this time of year. All you have to do is think ahead and take basic precautions to avoid major issues.


Have a brilliant Christmas folks!


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