Drive Down The Cost Of Your Motoring Expenses With These Hot Tips

As a car owner, you will doubtless be aware of how much it costs to own and maintain your vehicle. In general, the bigger, sportier or prestigious your car is, the more you will have to pay to keep it on the road.

Ongoing car repair costs, along with insurance policies, are often a bone of contention in the motoring world. Why? Because different people have different ideas on what you should and shouldn’t pay for.


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Are you struggling to keep up with the bills your car often presents to you? Don’t worry, because you are not alone! In fact, there are millions of motorists out there that are having a tough time keeping their cars road legal and maintained.

The good news is that today’s handy guide will give you some pointers on how you can drive down your motoring costs. Here is what you need to know:


One of the biggest expenses that all car owners have to pay for, by law, is car insurance. In the unfortunate event of an auto accident, car insurance will pay out for any vehicle damage. Many policies even cover you for personal injury claims that result from vehicle accidents.

Car insurance is a legal requirement. Most people cannot afford to bear the costs of compensation, injury or vehicle damage claims. That’s why insurance is always needed.

When insurers work out how much you should pay for your car, they take into account a wide range of factors. For example, they scrutinize your driving history, claim history, occupation and even what you do for a living. All those things and more can affect how much you pay.

The thing about auto insurance is that premiums get calculated according to risk factors. For instance, if your occupation is “racing car driver,” you are more likely to speed in your car and have an accident. A librarian, however, is not!

The car you drive can also have a significant impact on what your insurance premium will be. That used Ford Focus you bought from won’t cost as much to insure as a brand new Porsche 911, for instance.

You can’t always do much about your occupation, where you live or if you’ve had any past driving convictions. But you can make sure that you buy an insurance-friendly car! You might dream of owning a V8 muscle car some day. Just check that you can afford to insure it first!

Another thing you can do to lower your insurance premiums is to shop around! There are plenty of car insurance comparison sites on the Internet. Make sure you use them to get the best quote possible.


Although we like to complain about it, the price of gas in the United States is far cheaper than in other parts of the world. Still, if you find that the price you pay for gas is too high for your liking, go elsewhere for your fuel!

Every gas station in the world sets their own prices. It’s not uncommon to see one gas station a few cents cheaper than another on the opposite side of the road! Naturally you don’t want to spend all day driving around to find a “cheap” gas station.

Instead, be a savvy shopper and let technology give you a helping hand! There are plenty of smartphone apps you can download that provide you updated information on gas prices in your local area.

There are also many websites that provide the same information too. For the most part, these apps and websites provide the information for free. So it need not cost you a dime to learn where the cheapest gas station in town is.

It’s worth comparing prices before you fill up. Each year you could make savings that amount to the equivalent of at least one full tank of gas!


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Even though today’s cars are far more reliable than the cars of yesterday, the truth is they still need maintaining! Every year our cars need to have a service. That involves having the oil, various filters, spark plugs and so forth replaced where required.

If your car doesn’t have regular services, it can jeopardize its longevity. That means you could end up with a car that has an expensive repair bill later on down the line! As you are aware, there are all sorts of places you can get your car serviced.

You could take your car to a main dealer and have them service your car. Or you could pay your friendly local auto shop to do the work for you. Some people even get oil changes done at places like Pep Boys! While others prefer to do the job themselves.

When it comes to servicing, I don’t recommend just going for the cheapest option. Instead, you need to choose the option that offers the best value for money. When things go wrong in a car, they can cost a lot of money to fix.

That’s why you should entrust your car with an organization that knows what they are doing. The sad truth is that some car owners just don’t trust anyone to work on their cars, hence why they perform DIY services themselves!

If you are thinking of doing any servicing work yourself, the obvious point to make is that you should know what you are doing! Consider going on an auto mechanics course if you want to brush up on your maintenance skills.

The benefit of DIY servicing is that you save money on labor costs. But you have to consider how much the tools you will need will cost you. With some cars, it just isn’t worth doing the work on a DIY basis because of these costs.

If you decide to use someone to service your car, consider getting feedback and recommendations from people you know. Word of mouth is powerful. The last thing you want to do is end up taking your car to some place that will wreck it!

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