Car Buying Myths

The car industry is an increasingly competitive one, with hundreds of companies and manufacturers vying for your business. There is even a massive risk of a car industry financial crash soon, because of business practices that some companies are adopting. How are you supposed to cut through the rubbish and really know what you’re supposed to buying and what is just sales jargon or out and out lies? Well, I’ve compiled a short list of car buying myths that you need to be aware of.

The Salesman

Salesman can often be seen as the enemy and it’s because of this negative view that some myths have sprung up concerning them:

  • Checking with the Manager – Many people think that this is the salesman using a dirty trick in order to manipulate you; however the majority of the time they will genuinely need to be checking with the manager. They are the manager for a reason, remember – they know everything and can make decision that the lowly salesman might not be able to.
  • The Secret Price – For some reason many people believe that there is a secret price that salesman are holding back on, waiting for you to be savvy enough to reveal it. The salesman really, really wants to sell you the car, but they do have to make sure that it goes for a fair price for them. There’s no conspiratorial price stowed away in his mind that you can reach.
  • The Secret Plan – This is related to the above one, but many buyers believe they are very clever and design a clandestine plan to get an amazing deal on their car. No matter how clever you think you are being, the salesman will have seen someone else do it a hundreds time, so don’t even bother.

The Added Extras

There are also a couple of myths surrounding ‘added extras’ which is always spoken about with a disapproving and even disgusted tone.

  • The Extended Rip-Offs – Pretty much every salesman will offer you extended warranties and or coverage of some kind and many people believe these will always be an unnecessary rip-off. Read the fine print when it comes to these extra bits as they can be really beneficial. And if you didn’t know, you can negotiate with them on the price of the coverage/warranty.
  • The Service Deal – This one actually goes in favor of the dealership. A lot of people believe that the service offer that the dealership gives you will be better and cheaper, but this is a fallacy. You can get a much better deal somewhere else, so shop around for alternatives.

Pre-Car Mess

Before you go to buy the car you will already be fooled by some myths which will impact what you wish to buy.

  • First Year Models – A rumor started sometime since the 70s that more first year model cars were recalled that stay on the roads. This was probably never true in the 70s, and it is definitely not true today. Cars are tested for a long time before they hit the roads and so buying a first year model is a very viable and safe option. The car isn’t likely to crash for no reason, leading to an auto accident lawyer swooping in to help.
  • Magazine Evils – The final myth on this list concerns car magazines. So many people take the word of leading car magazines as gospel when in actual fact they don’t share the whole story and are in fact only interested in magazine sales (shock!) and not car sales. Always go on a test drive and don’t just believe what you read in print (unless I wrote it…)

There you have it. Bear these myths in mind so that you can get the best, shiniest new car on the lot … and for a fair price.

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