Benefits and Disadvantages of Engine Tuning

Tuning your vehicle can be a tempting process in order to be able to get that little bit extra out of your motor. Engine chip tuning is where a software is run through the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and re-programmes the engine to allow for increased performance through the engine.

However, due to this process being pretty encroaching on the engine and significant changes are made to your engine, it does carry both advantages and disadvantages. Today we discuss both of these to ensure you are getting your engine tuned for the correct and safe reasons.

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Ease of installation: Unlike some major car performance kits and parts, engine chip tuning is all done via a single chip and as stated above, just installed by running the software through the ECU. This ensures that a mechanic can provide the installation quickly and easily, usually all done on the same day.

Increased Performance: The whole point of the engine tuning process is to allow your motor to give you more performance by removing the limits set on the vehicle by the manufacturer in the factory. This can happen in a variety of ways, for example; gaining great horsepower and therefore a great top speed and faster acceleration, or you can chose to prioritize fuel consumption enabling you to save money at fuel station over time.

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Increased Engine Stress: Due to the removal of the limiters on the engine, the tuning process is obviously going to put much greater stress on the engine. In time, this will eventually lead to more wear and tear and the increased chance of engine failure due to the increased stress.

Invalid Warranties: Directly involved with the above point about engine stress, the manufacturers won’t continue to give you their warranties on the vehicle if the car is chipped. They would deem the claim insufficient if anything went wrong due to the tuning chip and they wouldn’t be liable for the car going wrong.

All in all, we do believe now it is safe to get your car chipped for that desirable increased engine performance – if we were to advise and point you in the direction of the best chip on the market it would be Revo. Revo do hundreds of tests on the motor when chipping it to engine it’s putting just the right amount of stress on the engine for it to be safe.

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