Ace Your Driving Test First Time Around With These Awesome Tips

So, you’re thinking about learning to drive? And, no doubt, worried about the enormous amount of money you are going to spend to do it. Sadly, there isn’t much we can do about that – but we can give you some helpful advice on how to pass your driving test. Read on to find out what you can do to increase your chances of acing it the first time.


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Get the best instructor possible

Every area of the country has a large number of driving instructors, and each of them would love to have you on their books. Unfortunately, this means that quality can cost. But don’t scrimp on it. The more you pay for great lessons, the less time it will take you. And, over time, a better instructor will charge you less to get over the line. Research well, get recommendations, and ask them about their pass rates. If they don’t tell you, it’s best to keep looking.

Do lots of homework

Your theory test will include a multiple choice exam and a hazard perception test. You will fail both if you don’t put in a little effort and practice. Our advice would be to not take it too early, however, confident you are that you will pass. Why? Well, as soon as most people pass the theory driving test, they tend not to concentrate on it. You have two years to pass your practical once you have the theory under your belt. The trouble is, a lot can be forgotten in that time, and you never know what might come up on your practical. Take your theory no more than a month or so before your practical, and it should be fresh in your memory.

Practice between lessons

If you want to pass on the first time, it is essential to build up your driving experience. Go out with a trusted friend or family member and practice the skills you have learned in your lessons. Again, choosing the right person is essential. Most of us know someone in our lives who is overly fastidious about driving. Well, it’s that guy you want to become your driving mentor. No matter how much they get under your skin with their ‘helpful’ advice.

Don’t book before you are ready

One of the things that hampers your chances of passing your test first time is to book it too early. You can book it whenever you like, but don’t do so until your instructor gives you the nod. Also, if you feel you aren’t ready, explain to your instructor what you are worried about. They will spend the next few lessons going through things with you. No matter how confident you are, it can be incredibly unnerving sat next to an examiner who is watching you like a hawk. And, unless you are comfortable, you just aren’t going to pass the first time.

Don’t take risks

During your test, try and relax – but not too much. If you can drive exactly like you do with your instructor, you will be okay. Don’t take any risks, keep your eye on your speed, and take your time when doing any of your maneuvers. And, finally, don’t forget to breathe every now and again!

Of course, there are of guarantees that you will pass the first time. Sometimes, you just get unlucky. But follow these tips – and try some of these, too – and you should give yourself the best possible chance.

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