3 tips to perfect your banger!

Roaring engines, screaming exhausts and blurring decals – it’s all you want from your luxury car. But instead you’ve got a jumped-up motor that starts with a whimper, like a lion with its tail trodden on.

Yet even the most hideous banger can be turned into a motoring masterpiece. With the right modifications and a glistening lick of paint, your vehicle could be vrooming through the streets for several years to come.

That doesn’t mean your car has to look like a souped up Fast & Furious-style eyesore. With a few of these top customising tips, your motor will be speeding up B-roads and C-roads in style.

Let’s stick together

Sometimes the first objects to perish in your car are interiors. Your trusty dog might have dug his claws in your leather seats a few too many times, or perhaps your kids spilt a few too many fizzy drinks on the floor. Either way you’ll need some quick fixes.

If your interiors are falling apart, invest in an effective spray adhesive for a lasting bond between materials. You’ll need an industrial adhesive, as opposed to cheaper and less effective glues, from specialist sources if you want adhesion with real stability.

For other major spills, try a high street fabric cleaner such as Febreeze. Your stains will disappear in no time.

Belting around town

Your engine is the beating heart of your car. And if it breaks, everything else will grind to a deadening halt.

Its component parts can be sensitive and temperamental, and none more so than the rubber drive belts that loop around various parts, acting as pulleys to kick start everything from the a/c compressor to the alternator.

Have your belts checked approximately every 5,000 miles to ensure they don’t suffer wear and tear. Replacing engine belts is reasonably easy, but consider calling in a mechanic if you’re unsure. After all, you wouldn’t want to accidentally break your engine.

A paintjob to die for

Your paintjob is the face of your car. Your engine might roar like a tiger and you might have more horsepower than Shergar, but without a good paintjob, your car will look about as good as Del Boy’s Robin Reliant.

Again, a car paint specialist would be wise to consult if you’re not a dab hand with a spray gun.

To maintain your paint job, try turtle wax ice to get rid of white wax residue, and to make ridding your chassis of bird droppings a cinch.

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