3 Great Ways to Make Your Car Turn Heads

It goes without saying that everyone loves the smell, look and feel of a brand new car. Unfortunately for most of us the reality of every day use means that new car starts to smell, feel and look old relatively quickly. Further, most of us cannot even afford a new car in the first place, which leaves the new car experience completely out of the question.

Reality is, you can make an old car turn heads and draw compliments. There are many ways to do this both at home, and for a relatively good price by working with companies and mechanics specialized in aftermarket parts. Below I will detail three ways I use regularly to keep my car looking new and turning heads on the road.

It’s All About the Detailing

Having your car professionally cleaned from time to time is a great way to keep it looking and smelling fresh. In the Austin, Texas area there are many companies providing detailing service. Prices on such services range from $50.00 to as much as you want to spend. A usual detailing package will include an interior and exterior clean, wax, sealer, and a cleaning of the rims and chrome to make it shine. If this is all a little beyond your budget you can always do it yourself, most of the supplies are available at auto body shops and mechanics. As for the crumbs and dirt inside all you need is a vacuum.

Window Tinting

It is no great secret that most luxury and high-end cars ship from the factory with tinted windows. A window tint Austin can be accomplished by a number of providers including Shades of Texas. The pricing on such tinting is usually less than what is found in the factory. If you want to give your car a luxury feel while enhancing your privacy window tint would make a nice enhancement. It does not hurt that it will also reduce glare from the sun, and keep your identity shielded as you move around the city.

Window tints also reduce fading and cracking of upholstered and leather surfaces in your car. If installed properly it will also reduce the amount of heat which gets into the vehicle, which given the amount of sun we get in Texas, is never a bad thing.

The Car Wash

There is just no substitute for a good old-fashioned car wash. With touch less carwashes at nearly ever gas station, and a hose at home there is really no excuse to allow shine reducing grime and dirt to build up on your car. In fact many of these same gas stations will give you a discount if you are also buying fuel.

And if you are really not in the mood to wash it yourself, or you want to do some good at the same time, find a local High School or Charity, which is raising money. They usually do a good and thorough job of making sure your vehicle shines again. Are you into DIY? Here are some products you might like to try.

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